Advanced Bone Grafting

December 1, 2017

One situation that patients who are interested in dental implants may encounter is one of bone density, particularly in older patients or patients who have been missing teeth for a significant amount of teeth. As your mouth loses the stimulative feedback of pressure from those teeth, it dedicates resources to other parts of the jaw, and as result areas where teeth are missing can lose their strength.

Bone grafting can provide patients in this situation, and many others, with a stronger jaw and mouth. Bone grafting is typically used for patients that are interested in dental implants, but it may also be recommended for other conditions.

Is Bone Grafting Painful?

No. One of the misconceptions that patients have, when they hear about grafting of any kind, is that the procedure is overly long, and painful both during and after the procedure has been performed. The truth is that new dental professionals have greatly advanced their understanding and their methods of providing bone grafts of many different scopes, and as a result, patients should not only experience less discomfort during the procedure but also enjoy shorter recovery times with less soreness.

  • Austin Cosmetic provides a wide range of sedation and pain management options, including IV sedation. If you’re at all anxious about a bone graft procedure, but feel that it may be in your best interest, then we can work with you to ensure that your experience is calm and relaxing.
  • 3D imaging is used for more proper care. The more accurate the imaging, the less work that will need to be done, which means less trauma to oral tissue, and shorter recovery periods overall. Patients can enjoy a much higher degree of accuracy by choosing Austin Cosmetic for their oral bone graft procedure, as we use the latest in 3D CAT scan technology to plan procedures accurately.
  • Follow-up care is provided to ensure that the bone graft is successful, and to inform patients of the best at-home care practices to reduce pain, inflammation. Once you’ve had the procedure, we’ll make sure that the results last, and that you’re healthy and happy with the work done.

We work with patients of many different medical backgrounds, and who may have differing levels of anxiety, so we understand that a consultation is usually the best way for you to feel comfortable moving forward. Speak with Dr. Patel by scheduling a consultation at Austin Cosmetic today.

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