Here are some popular questions for Minimal Prep/ No-Prep Veneers


# What are minimal prep/ no-prep veneers?

Minimal Prep or No-Prep Porcelain veneers are Porcelain Veneers that require very little to no tooth structure removal before the Permanent Veneers are bonded to the teeth.

# Do veneers ruin your teeth?

Porcelain veneers are used to enhance your teeth.  They can be used to improve the color, size, shape, alignment, and position of the teeth.

# How much do minimal prep/ no-prep veneers cost?
Are there payment plans for veneers?

Minimal prep/ No-prep Veneers generally cost as much as traditional Porcelain Veneers in Austin, TX.  Porcelain veneers cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 and up per tooth or per porcelain veneer.  Most offices work with third-party financing companies to set up monthly payments.  Since veneers are a cosmetic procedure, there is not usually any insurance benefits towards veneers.

# Are Minimal Prep/ No Prep Porcelain veneers permanent?
Are they reversible?

Porcelain veneers are permanently bonded to the teeth.  Porcelain veneers can last up to 15 years or longer if maintained well.  Again, all Porcelain veneers (traditional, minimal prep, no-prep veneers) are meant to be a permanent solution to improving the smile,

# Do Minimal Prep/ No-Prep Porcelain Veneers break easily?

When porcelain veneers are made well and done properly it is rare for them to break easily.  There are many factors that go into making them well and doing them properly.  Factors that are considered are: does the patient grind their teeth heavily or have a poor bite alignment, does the patient have any habits that will put the teeth or veneers under too much stress or pressure?  These issues can be overcome through the design of the veneer and the material of the veneer that is chosen by the Cosmetic Dentist.
Minimal prep/ No-prep Veneers work best in cases where the teeth are too small and there is spaces between the teeth.  Hence, the veneers then make the teeth bigger and improve the size and shape of the teeth.
If a person wants the teeth to be thicker and fuller and longer, then minimal prep/no-prep veneers could be a good option.
All Veneers have to be a minimum thickness to avoid breakage or fracture.  This has to be taken into consideration when the Cosmetic Dentist designs the smile and determines which type of veneer would be best.

# Do Minimal Prep/ No-Prep Veneers make your breath smell?

Veneers that are done well and contoured like natural teeth and not too bulky,  should not make your breath smell.  Just like your natural teeth, veneers will have to be cleaned regularly by brushing at least twice and day and flossing daily. Also, getting professional dental cleanings twice a year will help keep up with your oral health.

# Why are Minimal Prep/ No-Prep Veneers so expensive?

Veneers are priced the way they are because they are handcrafted and customized.  Each veneer is designed and made and refined by a Ceramist.  Veneers should be tailored to the individual and their smile and facial characteristics.  Just like a fine piece of jewelry, there is a great amount of detail and craftsmanship that goes into a porcelain veneer.

# Are Minimal Prep/ No-Prep Veneers cheaper than Traditional Veneers?

Minimal Prep/ No-Prep Veneers are generally the same price as Traditional Porcelain Veneers.

# What can you not eat with Minimal Prep/ No-Prep Porcelain Veneers?

Once the veneer process is completed, you can eat and chew the foods you normally eat without any issues.  There are things that you should avoid with your teeth in general that we recommend not doing with your veneers, like opening packages with your front teeth, biting on pen caps, or biting your fingernails.

# Do you have to shave your teeth for Minimal Prep/ No prep Porcelain Veneers?

Materials and techniques are improving where veneers can be made thinner so there is very little to no tooth structure that has to be removed. In a Minimal Prep/ No-Prep Veneers, not much of the tooth is shaved or buffed.

# Do Minimal Prep/ No-Prep Veneers last forever?

Well made and properly done porcelain veneers should last 15 years or longer.

# Can you get Minimal Prep/ No-prep Veneers without straight teeth?
Can veneers fix crooked teeth?

Yes, but it really depends on how crooked or misaligned the teeth are.  If there is severe crowding and the teeth are very crooked, then it is best to consider traditional porcelain veneers or straightening the teeth before the veneer process.

# What is the downtime of the procedure?
What is the pain level involved in Minimal prep/ No Prep porcelain veneers?

There is virtually little to no downtime for the porcelain veneer process.  With little to no tooth structure removed, the process becomes much easier.   Most patients return to work after the procedure or the next day.  The pain level is minimal as well.  With over the counter pain relievers like Tylenol or Advil, most post-op pain issues can be managed.

# I want Minimal Prep/ No-Prep veneers, how do I know how many to get?

Look at pictures of yourself smiling with a big full smile.  Most people generally show their upper ten teeth when they smile.  Especially for Minimal Prep/ No-Prep Veneers, it’s recommended to do a minimum of 10 upper teeth.

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