Computer Guided Dental Implants

December 1, 2017

There are several teeth permanent tooth replacement procedures in the world today. With dental implant surgery, be sure of being able to replace damaged or missing teeth in the simplest ways possible using the method that is associated here. It is a great alternative to the rest of the procedures that are adopted with most of them being associated with side effects.

Austin Dental Implant Innovations

Local Austin Dentist, Tejas Patel, D.D.S. Helps to Bring Cutting-Edge Dental Implants to Austin Area

Unless blessed with perfect teeth, there are things we would all change about our smile. Maybe our teeth could be whiter or straighter, or maybe there are gaps or missing teeth that make us less confident.With today’s technology, there’s really no need to suffer a less than perfect smile.

Dr. Tejas Patel is helping lead the way in cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry, including the latest in dental implant technology, computer-guided dental implants. By utilizing computer tomography (CT), Dr. Patel takes a 3-D scan of a patient’s mouth and jaw to accurately place the new implants.

“In the past, dentists could solely rely on a two-dimensional x-ray and models of a patient’s teeth to place implants,” said Dr. Patel. “With CT scans we are able to get a three-dimensional representation of the jaw. This helps to account for bone depth and density, and helps us see details of important anatomical structures like nerves, vessels and sinuses. With this 3D image dentists can then virtually plan the surgery and virtually place the implants.”

“The future of implant dentistry is not just routinely using CT scans and virtually planning the implant surgery, but also using that virtual plan to construct a surgical guide that directs the exact placement of the dental implant.”

Computer guided dental implant surgery allows the dentist to more accurately plan the surgical procedure, therefore making the surgery more predictable and affordable implant procedure in the long run. With computer guided dental implant surgery there are less stitches, less trauma, and is the procedure is less invasive. This results in better healing and less complications.

Dr. Patel has been training with Dr. Virgil Mongalo, a Miami dentist, who helped pioneer the use of computer guided implant surgery more than ten years ago.

Along with Dr. Mongalo, Dr. Patel and several colleagues completed Computer Guided Dental Implant Training in Brazil at the world-renowned Ilapeo Institute. Dr. Patel and his colleagues were among the first American dentists to study at this prestigious institution. It also marked one of the first times a live patient computer guided surgery course was ever held for that many participating dentists.

In Brazil Dr. Patel performed multiple live patient computer guided dental implant surgeries. “Not only was I able to learn a lot, I helped many people get teeth back that they had been missing for years. The patients at the Ilapeo Institute were so happy and grateful for the services we provided to them. Imagine within just a few days we were able to give these patients, who had no teeth at all or were missing many of their teeth, new permanent teeth. It was amazing! In addition to learning more about the latest in Implant Dentistry, I was able to volunteer my time abroad and help many patients in Brazil,” said Dr. Patel. One of Dr. Patel’s goals is to complete international dental volunteer trips around the world. So far he has completed trips in North America, Central America and South America.

Dr. Patel has also been recently named a Fellow with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. The ICOI is the world’s largest dental implant organization and this credential is given to individuals that demonstrate a commitment to excellence and advancements in Implant Dentistry.


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