Why Dental Imaging Makes a Difference

August 5, 2016

The training and technology required for proper dental imaging services are often much more complex than the public might assume. Between the differences in matters like resolution of image and depth of image capture, there’s also 3D imaging and modeling to consider. When it all comes together, a great dental imaging suite makes for a much more effective path toward treatment and service.

If you’ve ever had a crown or bridge that wasn’t the right fit, or if you’ve visited a dentist that seemed to take longer than he or she should when performing a procedure, the problem may have less to do with that professional’s skill, and more to do with their imaging. Information is key in providing fast, accurate, and comfortable treatment. Here are a few areas where dental imaging really has a big impact:

  • Dental prosthetic placement. Whether it’s a dental implant or a bridge, knowledge of the shape of the mouth and the structure of the jaw is absolutely vital in the process of adding a prosthetic. For dental implants in particular, high definition 3D dental imaging can make for a much more stable, comfortable procedure and result.
  • Cosmetic treatment. From whitening to veneers, dental imaging can assist our staff through accurate assessment of the site where cosmetic procedures are going to be performed, including the shape of the teeth, the shade, and the proper alignment. Without imaging tools, it would be much more difficult to create a natural looking smile.
  • Extractions, fillings, and any form of oral surgery. Again, it’s the information that makes the difference. Knowing the unique structure of each tooth, including its roots and the roots of adjacent teeth, are what make for a much more precise procedure, especially in cases like these, where even a minor mistake can be painful for the patient.

Lakeway uses the latest in dental imaging to achieve outstanding results for patients, and we make sure that our staff is both thoroughly trained and highly knowledgeable in the operation of this technology. Our patients can appreciate the results.

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