How to improve your smile with a cosmetic dentistry

August 23, 2018


Smiling is considered as one of the basic necessity when it comes to first impression. It has been revealed that one’s level of confidence, be it professional, personal or interpersonal can be determined by your smile. For this reason, cosmetic dentistry becomes important.

Regular trips to the dentist can ensure the longevity of your teeth and gums. When visiting a Cosmetic dentistry the visit will be due to;  ,closing a teeth gap, reshaping teeth, restoring worn out teeth or chipped teeth or teeth whitening. These are just a few services here at Austin Cosmetic Dentist. Cosmetic dentistrists are very aware of the latest dental technologies and advances in dental implants and other common Dental Procedures. Austin Cosmetic Dentistry offers quite a number of different cosmetic dental procedures.

Types of cosmetic procedures offered at Austin Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

It is natural to have your teeth being discolored or stained. Causes can be due to taking specific medication, smoking, and dark colored beverages like tea and coffee. To whiten them again, Austin cosmetic dentists can do teeth bleaching whereby a person receive teeth bleached at the dentist office or be issued with instruction of how to do it while at home.

If choosing the home teeth whitening – the dentist will make a custom mouthpiece tray which guarantees the correct quantity of whitening solution gets all over your teeth. Within a period of 2-4 weeks, the peroxide solution will whiten the teet a few shades whiter.


This procedure is meant to improve the look of your teeth if they have huge spaces in between them, stained, chipped, cracked or broken. With the help of a bonding material, dentists can fill the small cavities or offer protection to an exposed roots of teeth. This protection can be carried out in the office by application of an etching substance, then a tooth colored substance like resin, at the surface of the tooth which needs attention.

This procedure lasts for quite some years, though it finally stands a high chance of getting worn out or even being stained.


Veneer’s are ment to function to alter the shape or color of the front teeth. They are more durable as compared to dentures and hold a permanent bonding to your teeth.

When is it that you need veneers?

  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • Poorly shaped
  • Large front teeth gap
  • Worn out and chipped
  • Stained permanently

Before doing veneers procedure, an impression of the teeth need to be made by the dentist, followed by buffing then finally veneer cementing to the current teeth. To harden the cementing, a light beam is used. This procedure needs to be carried out in the laboratory as veneers are prepared there.


It is also known as caps. This procedure totally covers the tooth to be attended to so as to regain its appearance and shape. Crowns are manufactured from porcelain that is bonded with metal, metal, ceramic substances, or resin. Generally, crowns are more expensive than other cosmetic dentistry procedures because they last longer when proper care is given to them.

Reasons for performing crown on your teeth:

  • Protecting weak teeth
  • Covering teeth that underwent root canal procedure
  • Restoring worn out or broken teeth
  • Holding in place of dental bridge
  • Cover stained or misshapen teeth
  • Covering teeth with large filling
  • Covering of dental implant

Contouring and enamel shaping

Contouring and enamel shaping deals with contouring or eliminating teeth enamel for better appearance of the teeth. Normally, this procedure is combined with bonding.

When to use reshaping and contouring:

  • When you have overlapped teeth or crooked
  • Small bite issues
  • Irregular teeth

Also, people with normal teeth can undergo this procedure, but when they have strong bone to support the teeth.


Braces are usualy performed my an orthodontist not a cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry will usually inform you about Invisilign as an option.

When braces are worn, they are meant to be a source of pressure to the teeth so as to reposition them.

Braces are metal brackets bonded to the middle of the tooth – with metal wires inserted through the brackets, that are tightened to create pressure what will move the teeth to their proper position.


Bridges are also known as fixed partial denture. Their function is to replace teeth by an artificial one. Materials used to make bridges include porcelain, gold, or alloys.
To place bridges, a dentist needs to place them on the neighboring teeth which have already undergone crowns preparation. Afterwards, a false tooth is attached to the crowns followed by bridge cementing onto the already prepared teeth.
A good bridge is attained by a well-established foundation.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants AustinDental implants are a long term solutions for missing teeth replacement. It is better than using bridges because neighboring teeth are not used as anchors. Also implants are like real teeth and no special care needs to be done. One can have a normal diet and treat them like real teeth.

There three major parts that make up a dental implant.

A titanium metal screw that joins the jawbone
A support which merges the section of the implant which and the screw
The crown that is meant to be similar as a real tooth.

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