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If you’ve ever spoken to a dental care expert about traditional braces, you may already be aware of how braces, in general, align teeth. By using pressure and proper angling, it’s possible to reduce and even eliminate large spaces between teeth, to properly rotate teeth so that they are straight, and to correct issues with under and overbites.

Dr. Patel is an Elite Provider of Invisalign in Austin

Invisalign approaches need in a few different ways, however. Here is the step-by-step breakdown of how Invisalign will give you a better smile:

Even better, Invisalign dental trays are made with a very clear and discrete plastic that makes them virtually invisible to the naked eye. There’s no wires, no glaring metal, and no brackets to reduce the quality of your smile, or make you self conscious.

Without the bonding and wires of traditional braces, Invisalign can provide patients of any age with a much faster method of vast improvements. Some patients may require as little as six months to see great results with their smile, with the average time of treatment being under a year.

Over time, you will only need to visit Dr. Patel’s office on a set schedule, usually once every two weeks or more. During that time a brief examination will be performed to determine the progress of the Invisalign treatment, and then you will be provided with your new dental tray.

True Freedom for Patients

One of the stand out qualities of Invisalign, however, is that patients have the ability to remove or replace these trays themselves. You will not need to visit Austin Cosmetic to take your tray in or out. You can remove the tray to brush your teeth or to eat certain foods. You can even remove it for close up pictures and any social event. The choice is yours.

When compared to traditional braces in terms of cost and length of treatment times, the benefits of Invisalign are as clear as the trays themselves. Find out more today about Invisalign by browsing this site’s selection of information on the process, or schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Patel today.

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