Overcoming Dental Anxiety

June 5, 2016

It’s difficult, and many patients feel embarrassed even talking about the subject, but dental anxiety is a very real thing that millions of Americans deal with. It can keep them from getting the treatment that they need, or even starting the process of seeing a dentist at all. At Austin Cosmetic, we know that almost every patient is going to feel some form of apprehension about seeing a dentist. After all, even if you have perfect dental hygiene, it isn’t exactly natural to have a stranger examine your mouth.

There are three factors in particular that spur dental anxiety:

  • Pain. Dental pain is what may prompt you to see a dentist, but it’s also the perception or expectation of further pain that can keep you away. The truth is that we work hard to provide services like sedation therapy, which can greatly reduce patient pain and improve their experiences, and that many modern dentists take great strides in reducing the pain and discomfort associated with procedures of all kinds.
  • Financial concerns. A consultation with Dr. Patel can help to alleviate any concerns or anxieties that you may have about high dental bills. Payment solutions can be flexible enough to fit within your budget, regardless of which services you require.
  • Finally, it’s always a concern that you haven’t brushed enough, and that your dentist may judge you about this. Don’t feel concerned– the staff at Austin Cosmetic is entirely professional, both during examinations and procedures. If everyone had perfect teeth, there would be no need for a dentist. The truth is that we’re here to help, not to pass judgment on patients.

Don’t let anxiety keep you from getting the treatments that you need, or from improving the aesthetic qualities of your smile. Your health and your confidence are too important to let fear hold you back.

If you suffer from mild to severe dental anxiety, and want to know more about how Austin Cosmetic helps patients feel at ease, just call our office for a consultation, and to get answers on how our treatments make patients’ anxieties disappear.

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