Most foods and loved beverages will stain teeth over time. A brighter smile is as easy as an office visit. Teeth whitening is very quick, easy and affordable

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The latest technology in teeth whitening is Zoom teeth whitening. All it requires is to set up an appointment and a quick office visit. It is very affordable and easy. If your teeth are stained or discolored with a tint that is:


Many time we will offer trays and a take-home teeth whiting kit. It would be for those that have minor discoloration in their teeth that a natural take-home teeth whitening can fix.

Teeth whitening may not work if you have gray stained teeth. If you have gray discoloration or have the extreme dental sensitivity to your teeth, Austin dental team may recommend alternative teeth whitening methods or other cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Thinking about teeth whitening options?
We offer several options to brighten your smile.

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    We want your concerns to be address when it comes to giving you the beautiful and confident smile you deserve. Teeth whitening may just be a small factor in the overall long-term resolution to perfect teeth. Please make a free consultation appointment and consult with our dentist before choosing a whitening product.

    Austin Cosmetic Dentistry has very experienced in teeth whitening procedures. We can help you decide which are the best teeth whitening for you. Please feel free to state your concerns and question with our Austin Dentist.

    Over the years our teeth experience wear and tear and can become discolored. There are lots of foods, beverages, and products we love to consume that are not great for optimum tooth care and can discolor our teeth over time.

    Some of the products that can discolor teeth:

    Beverages and foods

    Coffee is the number one consumerd beverage and the first on the list to discolor our teeth. Next is red wine often contribute to the discoloration of teeth. This is due to the color pigments.

    Tobacco & Chew

    Tobacco users may will see stains on their teeth because of the tar and nicotine.


    Many over the counter and prescribed medication like; Blood pressure, Antihistamines medication, antibiotics, and chemotherapy can all contribute to the discoloration of teeth.


    As the enamel of the tooth wears down, the yellow dentin underneath will begin to show. Read more about Teeth Whitening.

    Teeth whitened is really easy to do. The latest technology is Zoom whitening or we have available is take-home whitening kits. Visit Austin Cosmetic Dentistry and we can help you determine which procedure is right for you.
    If you decide to go with Zoom whitening – it only take a few minutes, and your teeth will be considerably whiter – just by one visit!

    Teeth whitening is more for stains and discoloration of top tooth enamel. Some whitening agents will not remove deeper stains or discoloration, so it is imperative that you and your Austin dentist discuss your options together. Deciding if you want teeth whitening is to the thought of as a life-changing experience for some.
    Consider a few options: you can have your teeth bleached in our office or at home, or you can use a whitening toothpaste.
    Teeth Whitening Options:

    Latest technoloy Zoom Whitening (Bleaching) – this is done in office

    Our Austin dentists will apply a protective gel and shield to your gums and bleach your teeth in the office. This will only take a few minutes and can be done in only one visit.

    Whitening (Bleaching) at home – take-home-kits

    Over-the-counter bleaching kits are available and use a lower concentration of bleach. This is why you can administer this over a few days or a week. The take-home teeth whitening kit can be either a gel or strips that will bleach the tooth enamel. You should always discuss teeth whitening with Austin Cosmetic Dentistry before choosing a kit.

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    Conveniently located down town – Austin Cosmetic Dentistry is a cosmetic dentistry practice. Teeth whitening can make a noticeable difference for you to receive that beautiful radiant smile you always wanted in just one short office visit. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

    Our Austin TX dental office handles all types of cosmetic dentistry.

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