Top Tips to Make Your Teeth Whiter and Healthier Instantly

June 23, 2015

Many people dread trips to the dentist but really they shouldn’t. Not only does the dentist help to prevent any dental health issues that could ultimately lead to you losing teeth further down the line but they can also help to keep your teeth cleaner and whiter and even offer cosmetic dental procedures. In other words, you’ll often leave the dentist’s chair feeling like a million bucks and it can be a great boost to your self-esteem.

The problem then should actually be that you don’t get to visit the dentist enough. If your teeth are looking a little rough around the edges, then you may end up counting down the days until you get to pay them a visit. Or if you’re worried about a slight ache or discoloration, then you might even consider visiting your dentist sooner.

The good news though is that there are plenty of things you can do yourself, right now, that will have an immediate effect on your dental health and the appearance of your teeth. Read on for some examples…

Drink More Water

Drinking more water will instantly make your teeth look healthier. That’s because hydrating yourself will increase your saliva, which acts as a natural antibacterial agent to help protect your teeth.


Flossing makes your teeth much healthier, prevents plaque and bacteria, combats halitosis and even makes you less likely to get ill (because less bacteria in your mouth = a stronger immune system). Still a lot of people don’t do it! What are you waiting for?

Get a Mouthpiece

If you notice that your jaw is painful and/or swollen then you may be suffering from TMD (temporomandibular jaw disorder). Try wearing a mouthpiece at night and this will prevent bruxism (grinding your teeth) and thus avoid the problem getting worse.

Invest in an Electric Toothbrush

Most dentists now recommend using an electric toothbrush. This can not only prevent you from pushing so hard on your gums and teeth (which wears away the enamel and contributes to receding gums) but also provides a more thorough clean to remove plaque and bacteria.

Or a Smart Toothbrush!

Smart toothbrushes are a relatively new concept but they’re certainly interesting. These give you feedback about your brushing, telling you for instance if there are teeth you’re constantly missing. It’s a bit like having a digital dentist, so give it a go!

Wear Red Lipstick and/or Tan

Want your teeth to look whiter without getting your dentist to whiten them? Women can do this simply by wearing a little red lipstick which makes the teeth look whiter in contrast (as well as making the lips look fuller). Both sexes meanwhile have the option of tanning a little (or using a self tanning moisturizer) which has the same effect to a lesser degree.

Eat Healthily

Obvious avoiding sweets will do wonders for your teeth. Just as important though is that you are also getting plenty of greens. That’s because greens contain tons of vitamins and minerals like calcium and magnesium which contribute to stronger teeth.

These are just some of the top tips for getting immediate results when it comes to your teeth. When you come in for an appointment we’ll be happy to tell you plenty more!

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