If you’re missing one or more teeth, a dental bridge may be the right option for you. Missing teeth leave holes in your mouth that will change the shape of your face because your jawbone will not support your lips, cheeks, and facial muscles the same way. Missing teeth also make eating and speaking difficult, and it can cause other overall oral health problems; therefore, it is imperative to replace missing teeth. If the gap of a missing tooth or missing teeth is left open too long, the surrounding teeth may move into that space, and the teeth on the opposing jawbone may move up or down, changing your bite and making it more difficult to clean the teeth, thus making them more susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay.


A dental bridge, can prevent the above problems, by filling in the gap left by the missing teeth, supporting your jawbone and keeping the surrounding teeth in place. There are two types of dental bridges:

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Fixed Dental Bridge – A fixed bridge is a bridge that takes advantage of the support provided by the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. During an initial visit, your dentist at Austin Cosmetic Dentistry will prepare the surrounding teeth by removing enamel and preparing the teeth for crowns. Since these teeth will be providing support for the artificial tooth, also known as the pontic, with crowns, those teeth will always need to be protected by crowns, even if you should choose a different type of bridge later on. Once your custom-made bridge is completed, your dentist will cement it in place.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridge – An implant-supported bridge is a good option if you are missing more than one tooth. During this surgical procedure, your dentist at Austin Cosmetic Dentistry will place metal posts into your jawbone, and overtime, those posts will undergo a process called osteointegration wherein the posts will fuse to your jawbone. After this is healed, your dentist will cement the bridge on top of the implants. Implants do not require support from the surrounding teeth, meaning that the surrounding teeth do not need to have any enamel removed; however, it is a surgical procedure and will take longer to complete.

At Austin Cosmetic Dentistry, our highly trained and experienced dentists will work closely with you to determine the best type of bridge for you. We understand how uncomfortable having a missing tooth can be, and it is our primary goal to develop a personalized plan to replace your missing tooth and ensure that you receive the high-quality dental care that you deserve.

Understanding, evaluating, and mastering new dental technologies and techniques is something we take seriously at Austin Cosmetic Dentistry. You deserve a dental team that combines advanced dentistry with comforting amenities and a focus on your unique needs. We are diligent in making sure our patients are getting the best they can from their Austin dentist practice, and that includes making sure we always have the latest in technology at our fingertips.


If you are missing teeth, replacing them is essential to both your appearance and your health.

If you want to know more about how a dental bridge can replace your missing tooth or missing teeth, call our office today to schedule your appointment.

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