Your regular dental cleaning may seem unnecessary, but even if your teeth still look white and straight and healthy, hidden plaque and tartar below the gum line and in tooth crevices can cause decay. Keeping your dental appointments with our dental office is a great step toward staying on top of your dental care and avoiding future issues.

Your appointment should be relatively easy if you have been following a regular oral hygiene program. When you arrive for your appointment, we’ll usually do your preventive exam before proceeding to your preventive dental cleaning.

After cleaning, one of our doctors will let you know if there are any other findings indicating more dental work needs to be done, and will discuss your options with you. If your teeth, gums, and bite are all in good order, you’ll simply make your next appointment before you leave.

Has it been too long since your last cleaning? Call our office or use this form to request an appointment with Austin Cosmetic Dentistry by Tejas Patel, DDS.


Regular cleanings are the best way to address areas you can’t reach on your own. Schedule a visit today!

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