Advancements in functionally aesthetic dentistry have paved the way for our team to offer an all-porcelain dental crown – a radiant, natural-looking solution to restore badly decayed or structurally unsound teeth, with no metal involved..

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You may be a good candidate for an all-porcelain crown if you:

  • Want to replace an all-metal or a porcelain and metal crown
  • Need to restore a cracked, decayed, or broken tooth
  • Require a crown following root canal therapy
  • Need a crown to finish restoring a dental implant

Patients with an allergy to gold or any other metals are good candidates to receive an all-porcelain crown.

If the tooth is discolored or cracked, a porcelain crown can take care of the problem. The application of a porcelain crown, sometimes called capping, is used often by dentists in the fields of both cosmetic and general dentistry to solve tooth problems for their patients.



If you have a tooth that is damaged and causing a disruption to the appearance and function of your smile, a porcelain crown could be the best option. It only requires two visits to our Austin cosmetic dentistry practice for our team to design and place your porcelain crown and beautifully renew your smile.

  • A natural, life-like appearance
  • Luminescent color layering
  • Added strength and protection
  • A metal-free restorative solution
  • A safe, biocompatible alternative to renew your smile

Since porcelain crowns are made to match the color of your natural enamel, this makes them ideal for discreet, natural looking dental repairs.

In some cases, a person needs a crown for non-cosmetic reasons, such as a tooth being so damaged that it is painful to even eat or talk. This can happen if a tooth has cracked because it has worn over time, or it could be the result of an injury. In either case, having a porcelain crown will take away the pain and sensitivity of the broken or cracked tooth, restore functionality, and create a natural looking tooth.

Porcelain crowns also eliminate the dark gray line which is often visible where a traditional, metal-based crown meets the gum line. With all-porcelain crowns, these dark lines are a thing of the past; with no metal involved all you’ll see are beautiful, translucent, healthy teeth. For additional reading, here’s a link to a video from the American Dental Association about a dental crown.

Think an all-porcelain dental crown could improve your smile?

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To support weakened teeth and provide a bright, aesthetic finish, Austin Cosmetic Dentistry offers all-porcelain crowns. Schedule a consultation today!

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