What is Invaslign?

July 10, 2015

Having un-straight teeth can be a rather upsetting feeling and especially if you are someone who takes their appearance seriously. Un-straight teeth unfortunately often undermine our looks in other ways and can actually cause other problems too such as staining as they make it hard to brush. As so much attention is on our mouth when we talk and when we smile, this is something that can have a drastic impact on your love life, your confidenceā€¦ even your career prospects!

With all that in mind then, you may be interested in fixing any wonky teeth. In which case, you have a number of potential options.

One is to try braces. While this option is effective, it does unfortunately mean that you end up having to wear metal tracks across your teeth permanently, leaving you looking and feeling a little like a school kid. Even if you are a schoolkid this can be unpleasant; resulting in teasing and preventing you from being able to eat the things you like to eat.

Luckily there’s another optionā€¦

How Invaslign is Different

Invisalign acts as an alternative to braces. The concept is the same but the execution is somewhat different. The main difference with Invisalign is that it looks more like a transparent gum shield rather than metal tracks. Right away, this makes it a lot less garish to look at, as it blends in with your smile and is hard to see (hence the name Invisalign).

The other difference when comparing Invisalign with braces is that you can take it out when you need to. This means that you can remove the braces should you have an important interview, event or date. At the same time, it also means that you can remove it temporarily when you want to eat something hard or chewy that you wouldn’t be able to with braces.

Practical Benefits

There are practical benefits with Invaslign too which make it actually more effective in straightening out your teeth and preventing other problems.

For instance, when you use Invisalign, you will have multiple appointments with your dentist and will ‘progress’ through different sizes and shapes. What this means, is that you get new Invasligns as your teeth move, thus making the effects actually that much quicker because it will stay tight at all times.

Another benefit is that Invaslign allows you to brush your teeth more easily meaning you won’t get nasty stains left behind underneath your braces.

Which is Right for You?

So which is right for you: Invisalign or braces?

For most adults the obvious choice is Invisalign which is less invasive and which works quicker. The only scenario where you may choose braces then is for young children who might be prone to taking it out a little more often than they should and potentially to losing it. For kids, the fact that tracks stay put can actually be a good thing.

If you’d like to find out more about straightening your teeth and to hear all your options, feel free to give us a call at [PHONE] and we’ll happily discuss the process with you!

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